Middle Child Press: May 2010



Middle Child Press is a tree-friendly, private publishing company founded by authors Amaya Radjani and Ankhesen MiƩ in April of 2010. Our goal is to meet the entertainment needs of women of color who are marginalized by mainstream media.

Indie writer, actor, and director Issa Rae once said she created The Misdaventures of an Awkward Black Girl because while she did occasionally see a Black girl on TV, she didn't see Black girls like her. The same could be said for women of color in general here in the West; when we do see women who look like us, they don't always relate to us. And for those of us who like demon hunters or jaw-droppingly unapologetic erotica, or who practice polytheism or atheism, or who enjoy lesbian sheroes even when we're not lesbians ourselves...we're basically the middle children of mainstream media.

...Hence the Press.

Now, in its commitment to being tree-friendly (and a devout member of the 21st Century), MCP publishes eBooks only. This also reduces cost for customers as it cuts out shipping.
As a small-budget, independent press our authors are handpicked, so we do not accept submissions.