Middle Child Press: Our Sultry Court


Our Sultry Court

The Sultry Court will become home to MCP's erotica collection.  Inspired by the peerage system, four of our authors have donned a noble title, a naughty alter-ego, and have been penning poems and tales of dark passion.  MCP's Creative Director Amaya Radjani recently announced our literary debut, The Sultry Court Anthology: Volume I.

As of now, four authors work tirelessly to meet this deadline.  The Court abides by a single rule: there are no rules. Each Lady is encouraged to let her mind roam its deepest recesses, and unveil her most wicked desires.  Human, demon, shapeshifter, warrior prince, walking dead...when it comes to choosing lovers, the Ladies do not discriminate.

"The Court also nods to those with slightly more 'mainstream' tastes," Radjani reports, "but we can't make any promises."

Look for the Anthology this winter. It'll definitely keep readers warm.  In the meantime, enjoy a quick taste at the Writer's Café.