Genres and Categories at Middle Child Press



Literary genre pertaining to an exciting or very unusual experience, participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises, a bold, usually risky undertaking, or hazardous action of uncertain outcome.

Creative Nonfiction

a genre of writing that uses literary styles and techniques to create factually accurate narratives (doesn't include technical writing or journalism).


Fiction that deals with sex or sexual themes, generally in a more serious way than pornography; sometimes includes elements of social criticism.  Sex scenes are explicitly described, and in rather ribald language.  A complex plot is not required in erotica.


Literary genre that is an imaginative or fanciful work, especially one dealing with supernatural or unnatural events or characters.


Literary genre that is a tale or legend originating and traditional among a people or folk, especially forming part of the oral tradition of the common people. Any belief or story passed on traditionally, especially one considered to be false or based on superstition.


A genre of literature, which is intended to, or has the capacity to frighten its readers, inducing feelings of horror and terror


Literary genre whose plot involves a crime or other event that remains puzzlingly
unsettled until the very end.


Form of literary art in which language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities in addition to, or in lieu of, its apparent meaning.


Literary genre with in which a sophisticated, in-depth love story is the central focus; tends to be an umbrella genre.  The keywords here are "sophisticated" and "in-depth"; at Middle Child Press, writers creating romantic works are expect to prove innovative, powerful plotlines and use less controversial terminology when describing intimate scenes.

Science Fiction

Literary genre in which a background of science is an integral part of the story (robots, space travel, interplanetary war, or invasions from outer space).


A genre of literature that uses suspense, tension, and excitement as the main elements.


Sometimes labels like "mature" and "horror" and "erotica" are still too broad, even when they're listed together.  These help to let readers know a little more about what they're in for, thus preventing any surprises.


*a specialized category we've adopted due to steadily growing demand; also includes Native Americans and Polynesians.
**involves an atypical subject, format, or storytelling methodology.
***in cases where the story isn't entirely a fantasy, but has some supernatural elements, or hints at supernatural elements.

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