Middle Child Press: Violet Dusk


Violet Dusk

After three years, author Ankhesen Mié finally returns with her third book, Violet Dusk, titled after a poem inspired by a picture of a Maasai model.

This will be her first volume of poetry.  "I never thought I'd actually see the day I'd release a book only of poetry,"  Miss Mié reports, "but after some of the responses I got to the I've put up here, and the grooming I underwent last semester, I guess it was just inevitable.  I'm still working on my novels, but in the meantime, this just came out."

While Miss Mié intends to release future volumes of poetry, she's still toiling away on her prose, namely her in-progress novel The Midnight Bride.  Readers can expect to read samples of her work right here on the blog.