Middle Child Press: Checking in with...Lady Aislynn Sanchar


Checking in with...Lady Aislynn Sanchar

Today, I’d like to welcome Lady Aislynn Sanchar, author of “Lovesick,” “Banquet,” and “Sacrament.”  The Baroness is a nocturnal femme fatale and a prolific author.  She writes poetry, short stories, novels, and all styles in between.  I am fortunate that the Baroness (as she prefers to be called) was passing through my part of the world and took some time to meet with me.  

AR:  Hello, Baroness.  I must say, I admire your style of dress.  You have a very distinctive look; both alluring and dangerous.  Are you dangerous?

The Baroness:  Yes.

       AR: I normally ask for three personal descriptors for your fans; you’ve already given me one.  Can you tell me two more things about yourself?

The Baroness:  I’d rather not.
3.      AR:  Erm, okay.  Well, what motivated you to become an author?
The Baroness:  I read a lot when I have down time.  I have read a lot of dark fantasy and gothic fiction and found it sorely lacking in plot and execution.  I have read a lot of erotica and found it disingenuous, inauthentic and full of standard, romantic, pretty, safe sex.  By safe sex, I mean missionary style.  Vanilla sex bores me.  I figured I could do better than what was out there, and with more interesting characters.

4.      AR:  You have three entries in The Sultry Court.  How did that come about?

The Baroness:  Well, you liked three of the five stories I submitted, and I’m under the impression that I was the only one to submit multiple works.  I’m also under the impression that the other Ladies didn’t mind.

5.      AR:  You were, and they didn’t.  How did you end up as a Lady of the Court?

The Baroness:  I was fortunate to be online at the right time.  I gained membership into a online writers' community for women of color, and that was how I met you.  You read one of my stories and you invited me to participate in a writing project.  I liked the idea of four spectacular, ostentatious females meeting across space and time to tell their stories and talk about their conquests in an opulent setting.  That’s right up my alley, and we had a ball.

6.      AR:  Do you have any future books or short stories in the works?

The Baroness:  I’m working on my own anthology, entitled Night Rain, which includes a sequel of sorts to “Sacrament.”  I’m still fascinated with Ravana and Nazar, and I need to drop in for another visit to see how they’re faring as newlyweds.  Also, I'm playing around with holiday origins, which are not as nice and sanitized as people might think.  I like dirty things.  Night Rain will be my first anthology.  I’m also writing a novel about consensual incest.  The working title is Moment of Clarity.

7.      AR:  Consensual incest?  You’re writing a novel about consensual incest???

The Baroness:  Yes I am.  Why not?  I’m intrigued with dark subjects, and incest is a very dark, taboo subject.  Consensual incest has been handled with kid gloves in the media, for obvious reasons, and it is always a minor aspect of the story, movie, and/or TV show.  I decided to write a novel about it and make it the driving force. And yes, the characters will have sex, so for those readers who find such topics squicky, by all means avoid Moment of Clarity.  I don't plan to shy away from anything.  Consensual incest is a very real phenomenon, and it is something that a whole lot of people are interested in.  Go to www.literotica.com and you will see for yourself.  The incest/taboo category is the largest one, and the fans are rabid and ribald.

AR:  Wow.  I must admit that I am intrigued.  I look forward to reading it.   I know that you have a plane to catch, so thank you for taking time to meet with me, Baroness.

The Baroness:  You are more than welcome, Ms. Radjani.  

You can learn more about the Baroness at http://www.thedarkbaroness.com