Middle Child Press: Checking in with...Lady Chantilly Lace


Checking in with...Lady Chantilly Lace

I’d like to welcome Lady Chantilly Lace, affectionately called Lady Lace, and author of “Underworld Assassin.”   The Viscountess is a practitioner of the black arts, an expert swordswoman, and an all-around badass.

AR:  Hi, Lace.  Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me, so to speak.  It’s been a while since we’ve spoken, and I’d like for your fans to know how you’ve been doing since the book was released.  First off, I always ask for the Ladies to tell us three things.  What would you like for your fans to know?

CL:  When I’m not writing, studying the dark arts, or learning complex knifework, I’m a 39-year old mother of four.  I’ve been married for 18 years.  I go back and forth between my alter-egos, and there are days when they can mesh.  Kids, you know.

 AR:  What motivated you to become an author?

CL:  I have been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and paper.  It is just a part of me, like a limb.  I see my characters in my sleep, talking to me like old friends, as well as when I am awake.   I watch people, seeing the little nuances of their personality, their quirks and differences, even their flaws.  It is these things that make people special.  They help when I bring life to my characters because it these special things that make the readers like to keep on reading.
AR:  “Underworld Assassin” is a great story with an unusual and hilarious protagonist.  How did you come up with the character of Une?
CL:  I have no idea, really.  Characters just kind of live in my head, fighting to get out. Sometimes I don’t write or type fast enough to put everything down, or I guess I should say bring everybody to life.  I have been a long time fan of mythology, wolves, vampires, angels...etc.  I love the idea of the supernatural in any form.  I am also a great fan of the intricacies of relationships and take it as a great challenge to put that in my stories, but also to keep the realness of the characters and the lives that they live.    

There is also a big discrepancy of African American (this is a term that I hate, by the way. I am Black, not African American.  You don’t see white people being referred to as Caucasian Americans.  I was born in this country and am a part of it, therefore, I am Black, but that’s another topic) images in this field.  I’d really like to change that with my writings.

AR:  How did you end up as a Lady of the Court?
CL:   Well, I was working with one of the founders of MCP and we got into a conversation about what she was trying to do.  I told her what I did as far as writing and it kind of just blossomed.
AR:  Are you planning to publish anything else?  
CL:  Yes, I would like to, I guess it just depends on what happens here and what opportunities fall my way.

AR:  Well, you know that there is a place for you here at Middle Child Press when you are ready to share more of your work with the world. Thank you, Lady Lace, for your time.

You can learn more about Lady Chantilly Lace at www.chantillyscorner.blogspot.com.

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