Middle Child Press: Checking in with...Lady Vasi Davin-Thorne


Checking in with...Lady Vasi Davin-Thorne

Last summer, I had the grand fortune to work with some phenomenal women who contributed to MCP’s debut anthology, The Sultry Court.  As part of MCP's marketing push for The Sultry Court, I thought I’d check in with the Ladies.  It’s been almost a year since the conception of the book, and I thought it would be good for the fans to see how their favorite Ladies are doing.  It’s not an easy task, as we have to meet at places where time converges, but I’m up to it.

Today, I'll be speaking with Countess Vasi Davin-Thorne, author of "Siege."  "Siege" is the story of an Ethiopian queen's battle of wits and wills with a Greek prince determined to make the warrior woman his bride.  “Siege” is Lady Davin-Thorne’s first foray into erotica.  The Countess is currently abroad, but was kind enough to offer me a few minutes of her time to answer a few questions.

     AR:   Tell us three things about yourself.
    VDT:  I’m a passionate provocateur, a risk taker, and I’m not afraid to be deviant.

      AR:  What motivated you to become an author?
     VDT:  I’m obsessed with stories and I love telling stories; I’m a fanatic.  The next obvious step was to write them down.

       AR:  What inspired you to write “Siege?”
     VDT:  As a woman of color, I know for a fact that our history is rich and detailed and untold, and I wanted to tap into that. 

AR:  "Siege” represents your first contribution to an anthology.  As a “newbie,” what was your perception on being a part of this endeavor?
VDT:  I really enjoyed collaborating with the other authors.  We are all highly esteemed women of privilege, and there was no overwhelming ego between us.  The experience was a convergence of equal authors with varying levels of writing ability.  I have nothing but respect for the other Ladies’ stories, and I can say with certainty that they respected me and mine.  I am fortunate to have been able to work with such phenomenal talent.

5.      AR:  How did you end up as a Lady of the Court?
VDT:  The intake process was selective.  Few were called, and even fewer were chosen.  I believe I was chosen for The Sultry Court because my specialty is history and myth, and my storytelling represents both genres.  You told me that my entry was unique because there was no other story in the compilation that took place in the ancient world, and that you have never read a story, much less an erotic one, that featured a warrior queen with a Greek consort.  Plus, I love the fact that I was submitting my work along with those of other phenomenal authors in such an exceptional context.

6.    AR:  What’s next for the Countess?
VDT:  I have nothing pending for the moment because I’m traveling.  I’m on a knowledge and adventure quest, so that when the Court convenes once more, I’ll have new stories to tell.

AR:  Thank you, Countess, for your time.  I hope to work with you again.
VDT:  You're more than welcome.

You can learn more about Countess Vasi Davin-Thorne at thebattlegoddess@blogspot.com.  

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