Middle Child Press: Interview with Joey Pinkney


Interview with Joey Pinkney

Recently, Amaya Radjani, MCP's Creative Director, was interviewed by Joey Pinkney, a popular book reviewer.  Some of what they discussed is the genesis of Middle Child Press and The Sultry Court.  Here is a portion of the interview:

JP: What sets The Sultry Court apart from other books in the same genre?

AR: The Sultry Court was envisioned as a mystical girls night in, where the Ladies of the Court come together in a supernatural realm to swap stories. Since each Lady is from a different era and/or plane of existence, these times must converge in one unique transcendent hub in order for them to get together and share their stories and poems.

Each Lady has an innovative, hand-drawn avatar included in the book, and the cover is also an original piece of art. I think the imaginative artwork adds an exceptional touch.

You can read the full interview here...