Middle Child Press: September 2011


Book Trailer: The Sultry Court Anthology, Vol. 1 (2010)


The music featured is "Exhale" by British chanteuse and trip hop legend Skye of Morcheeba. Her solo album Keeping Secrets is available from Amazon for $6.99. 


Showing Some Love

A year and a half ago, a brilliant young woman named Ankhesen Mié and I came together and formed Middle Child Press, an independent publishing house for WoC authors.  We specialize in publishing works by women of color authors.  The time has come for WoC to tell our own stories: stories that run the gamut of human experience.  We don’t all write hood lit or streamlined interpretations of our culture.  We don’t all write romance or stories that even slightly paint PoC in a negative light.  The problem is that we’re rejected from the mainstream publishing world by TPTB because we refuse to fall in line with their narrow-minded standards.

We all have a particular slant on the world and it’s time we step up and share them with other PoC.  For instance, Ankhesen typically tackles unusual subjects with diverse characterizations, sometimes with a dark edge, and she sometimes caters to audiences who enjoy that kind of work.  She also writes poetry, and does other amazing things with words and images.  You can find two of her books in our E-store: Violet Dusk and her latest, The Woman from Cheshire Avenue, a novel I lovingly call Chessy Ave.


Help Us Reach 1,000 Copies

When the moneyed collide
with the mad, malice ensues.
A year and five months ago, Amaya Radjani and I decided to start our own publishing press for authoresses of color.  The Woman from Cheshire Avenue (2011) is our third release in almost a year, and we have a fourth on the way (*crosses fingers*).

When we first got into this venture, we invested literally thousands of dollars and reached out to several female authors of color spanning multiple styles and genres.  I understood that such a endeavor takes time (and money) and I was willing to invest the necessary patience.

I still am.

I believe in what we are doing, most importantly because it's not something I'm seeing widely done, yet is so very essential for the literary needs of the modern WoC.  At Middle Child Press, we wear our weird on the outside, and we want all of you to see.


Review ~ The Woman from Cheshire Avenue (2011)

From author Dennis R. Upkins:
The Woman From Cheshire Avenue is the story of Lilith Wells, "a successful young black woman, and the daughter of a prominent local politician. After a bizarre first encounter, she becomes the object of obsession to a Neo-Nazi from the streets."

I won't lie. I had serious reservations about this novella. Reading about a psychotic Neo Nazi stalking a black woman is not my idea of quality entertainment. In the hands of a lesser writer, this plot would've been a disaster. However author Ankhesen Mié not only makes it work but takes the narrative and the characters to unexpected places to keep you wanting to find out more.