Middle Child Press: October 2011


Amaya Speaks: Review ~ The Woman From Cheshire Avenue

Art by Michael Gibson
This is the fourth book by talented author, Ankhesen Mié.  No, I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend and business partner; she is talentedThe Woman From Cheshire Avenue (a book I lovingly renamed Chessy Ave), isn’t a book for the faint of heart.  I did not know what the book was about when I first read it, and I admit to feeling like I’d been smacked across the face.  Once I got my equilibrium, I enjoyed the story.  It’s dark and different, and as a fellow goth writer, I can respect and appreciate it.

Ankhesen’s latest effort gives readers a sneak peek into a place that they may not want to see.  Chessy Ave introduces us to a violent, murderous Neo-Nazi named Eric who has identity issues and a conflicted, tortured soul.  Let me reiterate: Eric is a Neo-Nazi and he rolls with Neo-Nazis, and therefore readers will be privy to language, thoughts, words and deeds that are not warm and fuzzy.  Consider yourself warned. 

Chessy Ave focuses on Eric and his encounters and dealings with Lilith Wells, a beautiful black woman who is so way out of his league that she is the Sun to his Pluto.  But just like that tiny former planet, Eric can’t help but be sucked into Lilith’s orbit, and the two embark on an unlikely relationship.  Lilith is also conflicted and struggles with her self-worth and something in her responds to Eric, regardless of whom he thinks he is.


On Sale Now: Corruption (2011)

Title: Corruption

Author: Amaya Radjani

Genre (s): Fiction, Erotica, Romance

Categories: Blasian, Straight

Audience: MATURE


Mahogany Carroll is a unrepentant cougar; Jordan Yoshito is a precocious cub. Jordan's struggling with finding his way in the world, and Mahogany's struggling with needing more than just great sex. Mahogany likes her men young and Jordan prefers his women experienced, thus the relationship they enter is supposed to be no more than temporary.

But people have a way of leaving their mark on one another long after encounters have ceased, and these two are no exception.

Publisher: Middle Child Press

ISBN#: 978-0-9831375-2-8

Edited by Amaya Radjani

Cover design by Amaya Radjani; cover art execution by April Martinez.


Amaya Speaks: Hollowstone--A Review

Hollowstone, a story about a young man’s experiences at a prestigious Tennessee prep school, is Dennis Upkins’ debut novel.  Before I deliver my thoughts on this book, I need to provide a bit of context.

I love books.  Love them, love them, and love them.  Stories have weight and texture and scent and flavor, and nothing illustrates that better than a novel.  I’ll always buy books.  But in these times, books have gone digital and eBooks are extremely popular.  As co-owner of a small “tree-friendly” publishing house, eBooks are all Middle Child Press does.  So to embrace this trend, I bought a Kindle.  Part of my soul died, as I felt like I was betraying the decades-long love affair I have with books.

Drawback of the Kindle:  You can’t easily flip back and forth through earlier pages to clarify what you’ve read.  This annoyed the hell out of me.


Author's Roundtable

A few weeks ago, authors Denny Upkins, Hayat Ali, Ankhesen Mié, and I got together to have a roundtable discussion.  The focus of this particular roundtable was the challenges that authors of color face in the publishing industry and in the media.  The roundtable was refreshingly honest, as each author represented different levels of experience and areas of expertise.  It was awesome to connect with like minds, as it is not something that happens on a daily basis in an author’s life.  Writing is a lonely process, as it should be, but it does help to know that we are not the only PoC authors toiling in the name of telling our own stories.

You can read the entire discussion here.

Denny Upkins is the author of Hollowstone.  A must read.

Hayat Ali is the author of The Alpha Promise.

Ankhesen Mié is the author of Purple Jars of Rice, Folklore & Other Stories, Violet Dusk, and The Woman From Cheshire Avenue.  Chessy Ave is her latest.  You can find her most recent works at the Middle Child Press eBookstore.