Middle Child Press: On Sale Now: Corruption (2011)


On Sale Now: Corruption (2011)

Title: Corruption

Author: Amaya Radjani

Genre (s): Fiction, Erotica, Romance

Categories: Blasian, Straight

Audience: MATURE


Mahogany Carroll is a unrepentant cougar; Jordan Yoshito is a precocious cub. Jordan's struggling with finding his way in the world, and Mahogany's struggling with needing more than just great sex. Mahogany likes her men young and Jordan prefers his women experienced, thus the relationship they enter is supposed to be no more than temporary.

But people have a way of leaving their mark on one another long after encounters have ceased, and these two are no exception.

Publisher: Middle Child Press

ISBN#: 978-0-9831375-2-8

Edited by Amaya Radjani

Cover design by Amaya Radjani; cover art execution by April Martinez.