Middle Child Press: December 2011


The Craft: Author vs. Writer

During a discussion with Denny Upkins, author of Hollowstone, the subject of what we do came up, as it tends to since we’re both published authors. The text of the conversation is as follows...

Me: “I understand how refreshing it is to connect with like minds. It's rare. Ankh and I are storytellers, which is why we get along so well. Through her, I met you, and you're a wordsmith just like us. It's so great because we can talk about certain things. I wish I knew more real authors like us. I know plenty of writers, but very few authors.”

Denny: “Girl you ain't never lied. One of my friends was talking about this. She's critiquing my next novel and she stated something that really struck a chord. She said she loved critiquing me because my objective is to tell a great story and not be known as a great writer. Because there's a huge difference. I think with us, we're working towards something more meaningful in our narratives which is why we strive to be great authors because we're serving an ignored audience that is black women, women of color, POCs and LGBTQs.”

Me: You're so right. So right. Soooooooo right. I'm more concerned with telling a balanced, solid story than I am with being portrayed as a good writer. The second can't happen unless the first does.”


Book Review ~ "The Woman from Cheshire Avenue"

Dear Ms. MiƩ,

Why the hell didn't you send this to me, LOL? I'm always looking for books that push the envelope, books that make me say "damn, I wish I'd written this"! Seriously, The Woman from Cheshire Avenue was one of the most AWESOME books I have read all year and frankly, I'm getting pretty envious at Middle Child Press. It's not the fact that you made a neo-Nazi into a character I came to care about, nor was it the fact that Lilith had the kind of class, balls and sass that I don't see too often in a lot of books. It's not even the fact that Michael Hirosawa and his family of scary, yet elegant criminals reminded me of some of the best Japanese crime dramas--it's how you managed to pack so much action and emotion in a mere 90-something pages. And that's another thing--you have left me chomping at the bit and I am not happy, LOL.