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The Importance of Chatter

Those of us who write and publish stories on fanfic sites, blogs, and communities do so for any number of reasons.  Some do it for love of storytelling and others do it to perfect the craft.  I do it for both, as does my partner in crime Ankhesen.  One of the things we appreciate, as does any author, is feedback.  It’s important to have an overall sense of the effect a story has on its readers.  It’s essential for us to hear from our core audience about how well—or how poorly—we’re doing with the material.  One of the things I really enjoyed writing in fandom communities is the continuous dialogue I had with fans of my work.  Feedback chatter has a way of clarifying simplistic aspects of a story, aspects not necessarily a point of importance or significance with the author.


New Fic Alert: Connoisseurs of Memory

So I'm trying some different things, stretching my muse and ability in ways I'm not used to.  I have plans on the horizon of 2013, plans that include more than Nightingales and Blade Dancer, so here's hoping my efforts aren't in vain.  Some of my plans include having LGBTQ protagonists and PoC characters that aren't Black.  As an author, you can easily get into a rut, especially if you follow Rule #2 of my personal author's code: Write about what you know.  I cracked my shell last year with my first Blasian novel Corruption, and I know I can do better.  Writing about what you know does include new things that you learn, which is what happens when you research story subjects.  


Book Review: Folklore...and Other Stories

First of all, I need to apologize for the utter tardiness lateness of this review.  I read Folklore a while back and got distracted by life.  Then I read it again, and I found it to be even better the second time around.  This is Ankhesen Mié’s second book, but she says it’s nearer and dearer to her heart than her first effort, Purple Jars of Rice.  

Folklore…and Other Stories is a slim anthology of three unusual narratives.  The book is beautiful.  The cover is of a reflected mask, which is a hint as to what’s to come.  Miss Mié definitely has a flair for words and imagery; the reader is transported instantly to wherever each story takes place.  Her use of language is spot-on, and in a manner which I have become accustomed to, she deviates from conventional storytelling techniques and presents us three exceptional tales.


Devil's Siren (2012)


Ravana Davide is a corporate mogul, a woman of significant means, and a newlywed. She's the bride of Nazar, who is a very powerful demon.  As a demon's concubine, Ravana enjoys a flawless new body, incredible sex, an unlimited bank account, and a hedonistic lifestyle. But while on her "honeymoon," Ravana realizes that in spite of the benefits of being Nazar's mate, she's lonely.

Enter Corson.

A roguish, sexy, red-skinned devil, Corson wants nothing more than Ravana herself.  As Corson's rival, Nazar isn't willing to give Ravana up and Corson isn't willing to stay away from her. It's up to Ravana to choose which demon she wants, but the question she must ask herself is...

...is it better to stick with the devil you know?

Rating: Mature audiences, 21+. Explicit sex, language & adult situations.  Available Winter 2012 from Amazon.com.



After two years, Middle Child Press announces that we will be severing ties with E-junkie, the provider of our E-Store.  E-junkie has been very good to us since our inception.  We now have a productive union with Amazon and we are able to sell five times as many books via our Kindle Platform.  Ankhesen and I would like to thank E-junkie for two solid years.  But bigger and better things are on the horizon for Middle Child Press and we’ve got to make way for a profitable future!


Book Review ~ "Folklore, and Other Stories" (2012)

Review by Dennis R. Upkins, originally posted at Ars Marginal:

So late last year I was chatting with my buddy Ankhesen Mié about her novella Folklore, and Other Stories and I mentioned to her that I planned to purchase it. She insisted I wait because she planned to re-release it. I was already even more curious because this novella had already received some serious acclaim—Midwest Book Review, RAWSISTAZ Literary, APOOO Bookclub for starters—so how much more awesome could this book get?

I would soon find out.

Confession time. I was actually very reluctant to write this review. Not because the book isn’t phenomenal, in fact quite the opposite. I was so blown away by Mié’s prose, that expressing my amazement into words simply wouldn’t do this novella justice. Just the same, I’m going to attempt to do so anyway.


On Sale Now: Folklore, and Other Stories (2012)

Title: Folklore, and Other Stories

Author: Ankhesen Mié

Genre (s): Fiction, Romance

Categories: Blasian, Straight, Experimental

Audience: MATURE



When young Kazuya Kurosaki orders the disposal of a rival’s favorite, beautiful Amisi Ryan shows up with a "'thank you'...from the dead". Her priceless gift, an approximately four-thousand-year-old solid gold mask, lures Kazuya into a world of myth and intoxicating fantasy, and with each telling of an ancient tale, he finds himself drawn further and further away from everything - and everyone - he knows.


Rory Zheng is a young traveler who arrives at Silver Wood Manor, an enchanting residence atop a mountain where he meets an array of characters. Among them are the mischievous old Irishman who designed the buildings and the chatty nine-year-old daughter of the beautiful, somber landlady of Silver Wood, whose husband is often away....

To unlock the mystery and history of the manor and its people, Rory employs some magic of his own: the art of storytelling.

"The Collection"

The divorce between Jason Rang and his filthy rich, soon-to-be ex-wife Mireille is actually going well. Or at least it does until Jason lets his new fiancée Maribel actually meet Mireille. Invited to Mireille’s newly inherited mansion (fully furnished with all manner of beautiful shirtless young men), Jason and Maribel find themselves lulled into a sensual world where they learn that sometimes - but only sometimes - an entire divorce proceeding can be just another lovers' quarrel.

Publisher: Middle Child Press

ISBN#: 978-1600471803

Edited by Kelly Broce, Jen dePompei, and Ankhesen Mié

Cover design by Ankhesen Mié; digital formatting by Nita Moton