Middle Child Press: August 2012


Book Review ~ "Folklore, and Other Stories" (2012)

Review by Dennis R. Upkins, originally posted at Ars Marginal:

So late last year I was chatting with my buddy Ankhesen Mié about her novella Folklore, and Other Stories and I mentioned to her that I planned to purchase it. She insisted I wait because she planned to re-release it. I was already even more curious because this novella had already received some serious acclaim—Midwest Book Review, RAWSISTAZ Literary, APOOO Bookclub for starters—so how much more awesome could this book get?

I would soon find out.

Confession time. I was actually very reluctant to write this review. Not because the book isn’t phenomenal, in fact quite the opposite. I was so blown away by Mié’s prose, that expressing my amazement into words simply wouldn’t do this novella justice. Just the same, I’m going to attempt to do so anyway.