Middle Child Press: Lady of the Bow, Ch5 ~ "Sí, mi señora"


Lady of the Bow, Ch5 ~ "Sí, mi señora"

A/N ~ Some of you will find the title a bit obvious.

Previously ~ Merlo

Despite having been ready to drop just moments earlier, Angélica found herself suddenly unable to fall asleep.  She stared at her ceiling, noting the eerie silence of the not just her room, but the whole house.  And though no one else was in her room, she somehow knew she was not alone.

What the hell was that about? she wondered.  I've never played like that before.

That's because you never wanted to a play like that before, a voice tenderly mocked.

Angélica blinked rapidly, but didn't sit up.

No, the voice mused.  You're not dreamingIn fact, you are wide awake.

Angélica's whole body stiffened, too frightened to "say" anything back.

You're not crazy either, the voice assured her with a slight chuckle.  Then again, crazy people aren't technically "crazy" either, but that's a different discussion for a different day.

Angélica finally sat up.  "What the hell...?" she began, but couldn't finish.

You know, I initiated this whole telepathic thing for a reason, the voice chided her.  This way, we can talk without your having to respond aloud and appear as though you're talking to yourself.  You know...so you don't look "crazy"?

Because she was wide awake this time, Angélica was not so easily swayed by the sweet lull of the bodiless voice.

"Who the hell are you?" she demanded.

The voice sighed loudly.  I told you.  I am Nehset.  I come from the Land of the Bow.

"What does that even mean?" the girl exclaimed.

It means, the voice enunciated, that my name is Nehset; thus you may address me as Nehset.  You're obviously wondering where I come from; it's usually the first questions people ask me.  The place I come from was once called the Land of the Bow.  It's had many names since then.

"The Bow?" Angélica blinked.  "So what...you're some kind of spirit summoned to teach the me true meaning of the violin?"

Not that kind of bow, corazon*, "Nehset" snickered.

"You sure about that?" Angélica grumbled.  "'Cause you sure played like that."

That wasn't all me, Nehset confessed.  Most of that was you.  Or rather, the "you" you could be, if you'd stop fighting.

"You know you've made things very difficult for me," Angélica bit out.  "My father is going to have questions in the morning, and I won't be able to answer them.  What happens if he demands an encore?"

Then bravo, Nehset mused.  We'll just do what we did last night, except this time you'll be much more awake and paying attention, and maybe you'll learn something.

Angélica raised an eyebrow.  "We?"

I have thing for musicians, came the wry reply.  There are those who would kill their own children just to get a visit from me.  Nehset giggled.  There are those actually have.

Angélica slowly allowed herself to understand.  "They made deals with you," she stated flatly.  "To become better musicians."

It's not just about the music, corazon, Nehset assured her.  They felt stifled, trapped, defeated.  Our...agreements helped to make their lives better.

"At what cost?"

There was pause before Nehset dryly mused, Music is like the eye; it's a window to the soul.

"Of course," Angélica snorted.  "Clichéd, but to be expected.  Very well, then.  I wish to make a deal."

And what is your wish, corazon?

"I wish to make my life better," Angélica replied simply.  Somehow she felt Nehset grin.  Impatient, she demanded, "Do you accept?"

Sí...mi señora, the whispered echoed.


She slept after that, but not for long.  She woke later in the morning, under the terrible gaze of her mother who was, quite shockingly, still in her silk dressing gown.  Mrs. Moreno's usually perfectly coiffed her was still wrapped in its matching silk scarf.

Damn, Angélica blinked, alarmed.  She didn't even unwrap her hair....

"What have you done to your father?" her mother barked.  "He's been sobbing all morning, and when he attempts to speak he's barely cogent.  What did you say to him last night?"

Angélica's jaw hung open for a moment, as she fumbled for a thought.  First, it was hard to imagine her father crying.  Secondly, it was impossible to imagine he'd ever cry because of her.

"I didn't say anything," she finally replied.  "I just played like he told me to.  When I asked to go to bed, he said yes."

Mrs. Moreno backed off somewhat, but Angélica caught a flicker in the older woman's eyes.

Now she's wondering if he has a mistress, and if the bitch left him or something.  Angélica tried hard not to smirk, but her lips slightly twitched.

"Very well," her mother said stiffly.  "Probably one of his relatives has died or something."

She turned and left her daughter without another word, on a mission to reclaim her husband's attention no doubt.  Angélica was about to roll over and go back to sleep, but the doorbell rang in the distance, and for some reason, she felt the urge to get up.