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Winter of Blasian Love Sale

Middle Child Press is putting its top two Blasian works on sale at a reduced price of $3.99 for the entire winter...starting now.

Amaya Radjani's Corruption (2011) is the currently MCP's best-selling work of all time, having garnered numerous reviews and fairly consistent sales.
...this is a book you WANT and NEED to read. It's an interracial romance that spends absolutely NO time on race issues and more time on the vagaries of modern-day relationships. It's about friends, family, culture and finding love and strength in the most unexpected ways.

Honestly, Corruption packs more heat than Dirty Harry's .357 hand cannon and a lot more heart than any Hallmark Channel movie, all within a slim 164 pages. A warning: this isn't an HEA so if you're the type who likes their romances all warm and fuzzy wrapped in a big pink bow, then this book is not for you. For the rest of us, Corruption is a wild, sexy, emotional and unexpected ride. It's risky and totally untraditional, and well, the kind of romance that's right up my alley.

~ The Fountain Pen Diva, an Amazon Vine Voice
Folklore, and Other Stories (2008, 2012) remains Ankhesen Mié's most popular book of all time since its initial release in 2008.

A collection of three stories, Folklore is Mié's first foray into MCP's trademark experimental fiction and gained notable acclaim from the Midwest Book Review, RAWSISTAZ Literary, and APOOO Bookclub while still in the abridged, paperback format.
Folklore, and Other Stories by Ankhesen Mié is the author's sophomore effort and the short stories show how her writing has grown. Ms. Mié has taken on the ambitious task of writing from an Asian perspective. Many of the stories read like old-fashioned tall tales with the flow of poetry in short story form. The stories in this collection offer a new look at age old situations such as marital relationships. The stories are at once true to life, yet mystical and filled with fantasy. The story entitled, `The Collection' is particularly interesting with twists on love and divorce.

I recommend this volume of short stories to readers willing to read something different. In this day and age when many feel there is nothing new under the sun, along comes a writer like Ms. Mié proving that is not necessarily so.

~ Angelia Menchan, APOOO Bookclub
The books go on sale November 3rd, 2014.



Zodiac: Solstice (Summer)

"Cayo looked around at the elegant, comfortable room.  While he loved his employers and his job, he couldn't help but feel that there was something slightly odd about their home.  He and Chef were the only two people welcome in the Zhous' Suva residence, and he got that same vibe every time he was in it.

He decided to ask his companion about it.  Chef and Macallan Zhou served together in the Marines.  If anyone knew the answer to that question, he would.  "Chef, have you ever noticed that there aren't any pictures of anyone except Mr. & Mrs. Zhou?""

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Zodiac: Nirayana

Stevie coughed and took a long drink of the claret. “I like men like you.”

Capricorn stared at him, smiling slowly as he passed the blunt back without taking another hit.  “I figured you did.  Relax. Enjoy that.”

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Zodiac: Ayanamsa (II)

She handed him the wine.  “I didn’t ignore you, Mr. Devinci.  Unfortunately, I won’t be kissing you.  The only lips that touch mine are Macallan’s.”


“Mr. Zhou.  Don’t be obtuse.”

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Zodiac: Sayana

“How come all of you are so beautiful?” she asked.  “I mean, I’m a lesbian, but the men on the…menu…are fine and I could have easily seen myself picking one of them.”

Taurus seemed to glide.  She handed Trev the wine and stood before her, patting her dark brown locks.  Her voice was husky and sensual.  “Mr. & Mrs. Zhou have an eye for talent and beauty.  It’s part of the mystique of this place.  Unattractive employees don’t make for good business.”

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Zodiac: Ayanamsa (I)

"What you see on the menu before you are the most gifted, most talented, most able-bodied employees that time-honored profession has ever seen.  May I introduce you to the Signs of the Zodiac.”

“Nothing on your menu appeals to me, Mrs. Zhou.”

“You haven’t even looked,” Macallan said.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” Nico said, not even sparing Macallan a glance.  “I’m talking to your wife.”

“I must insist, Mr. Devinci.  I will not be servicing you.  I am a married woman.  I only do...things...with my husband.”

“Hubs can watch, then.”  Nico glared at Macallan.  “You don’t mind if I fuck your wife, do you?"

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Zodiac: Super Predators

Most of the people who came to the Zodiac Club had no idea who the Zhous were, and they preferred it that way.  In many ways, they were mythic; preferring the rumors of others—lessers—to propagate their existence. 

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Zodiac: Ecliptic

Pollux made a clicking sound and Castor forked the sign of the evil eye.  “You’re one to talk…or have you forgotten that this is a brothel?  Everybody fucks in this place.  Even the people who own it.”

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Fic Update: Zodiac

Dramatis Personae

“Or you can get the hell out of here,” Macallan said, still salty about the insult.  He was ready to shoot the guy and put his hand on the handle of the desk drawer, where he kept a nine locked and loaded.  He gave zero fucks about them being cops.

Woolcoat stared at the carpet and put his hands in his pockets in a futile effort to hide their turning into fists, but the Zhous weren’t fooled.  There were plenty of assholes in Suva Oriana who had trouble accepting assistance from Madalyne.  This prick was no different.  He looked up and managed to say, “I am sorry for offending you, Mrs. Zhou.”  Uttering the words looked painful.

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Selo & Inya say "Thank you"

The promotional run we had with Books 1 and 3 was surprisingly successful.  In gratitude, we are now putting all three books on promotion until Book 4 is released.

Purchase whichever Selo & Inya book you don't have now for $2.99.  And read Book 4's prologue and catch sneak peek of Book 5's cover here!


CRASH!!! ...a Teaser

Lee-Lee walked up to the lady and extended her hand.  “In that case, let me introduce myself.  My name is Elysie Blake, but everybody calls me Lee-Lee.”  She pointed to Monica.  “That’s Monica, my roommate.  We live in 6B.  Those two are Jocasta and Neveyah.  They live in 6C.”
The lady didn’t extend her hand and Lee-Lee stared at her.  “Your name is…?”
She smoothed her hair and glanced at the movers, who were finishing up.  Her ring caught the light and the stone sparkled like a diamond.  “I suppose I could offer my name.” 
“It’d be nice,” Monica said, trying to keep the sarcasm out of her voice and failing.  “We do live on the same floor.”


The Nightingales Supplemental...

Silhouettes by katagaci
Today marks the release of the Nightingales blog.  It is intended as a supplemental resource to the series and a way for readers to keep track of the characters and the story.  As I’ve said before, this was a response to a writing challenge posted by fellow author and co-conspirator Ankhesen Mié on At the Bar, and it wasn’t intended to be anything more than that…until the Muse decided that it would be.

The original challenge was for a TV show with a basic cast and premise.  As a result, the Nightingales series is constructed into a set of 60-page books or “episodes,” with each episode representing one hour of TV time.  I originally thought the tale could be told in a miniseries format of a one-hour pilot and five hour-long episodes…but as I got deeper into my research, I realized that there was no way I could do that and be fair to the readers and the story.  So what I can assure you right now is that the Nightingales will span at least six books.  This isn’t the kind of story that I think would work well in novel format.  Writing it as a series of short stories (short for me, anyway) keeps the narrative streamlined and the plot moving. 


Meet the Nightingales: Jocasta Dallas

Bianca Lawson as Jocasta Dallas

Jo is a genius, an author, a Daddy's Girl, and a popular bartender at a downtown strip club.  She’s at a crossroads in her life, a woman with decisions to make and baggage to claim or release, and finds herself caught up in a situation that tests her heart, her strength, and all of her abilities.


Meet the Nightingales: Elysie Blake

Sujata Day as Elysie "Lee-Lee" Blake

A lover of nature and the occult, Lee-Lee is a doctoral student indirectly studying her origins.  She’s friendly, inquisitive, and blessed with unique abilities.  Her gifts allow her to be a conduit for supernatural forces.  Supported by her skinflint father, yet sustained by her understanding mother, Lee-Lee is determined to know who and what she is.


Meet the Nightingales: Cressida Brinton

Michelle Krusiec as Cressida Brinton
This is a woman who knows exactly what she wants and will do whatever she feels is required to obtain it.  She is classy, cold, and calculating, with a slew of wealthy men at her beck and call.  But an unforeseen encounter puts her in the crosshairs of the unfamiliar…actually needing someone. 


Meet the Nightingales: Neveyah Austin-Malone

Jana Mashonee as Neveyah Austin-Malone

Neveyah Austin-Malone is a talented musician and gifted dancer who loves taking off her clothes for a living.  She is a tour de force on stage and has the ability to bring men to their knees.  Neveyah’s been fooling around with powers she has no business messing with, and as a result, has opened the door to something she’s unable to handle on her own.


Meet the Nightingales: Monica Tierney

Nightingales was conceptualized to be a cable television show, and as such, is dreamcasted.  The actresses that were chosen have made the characters come to vivid, wonderful life and it is with the utmost respect that I reference them here and on the Nightingales blog.

As part of the publication countdown, allow me to introduce the dreamcast of this exciting new series. 

Chrystee Pharris as Monica
Monica Tierney is a computer geek with a love for languages and the law.  She’s practical, brilliant, and relentlessly planning her future with Chris Kang, her fiance. She’s about to be in over her head in an unexpected spiritual struggle.  A Christian, Monica is unprepared for what is about to be unleashed.


Coming Soon: The Nightingales

I am thrilled to report that my next book, Nightingales: CRASH!!! will be published next week by Middle Child Press.  Nightingales is a contemporary supernatural series about five women who unite to solve the mystery of a haunted apartment that one of them occupies.   The series is expected to be a minimum of six 60-page books, or “episodes.”

Fans of Musings in the Dark may recall when this idea was first conceptualized a couple of years ago; as a response to a writing challenge posted on At the Bar.  Like ideas tend to do, this one took root and sprouted...and boy, did it ever.  I was not planning to write a series, but when the Muse speaks, I listen.  Therefore, I do not know how many books it will take to resolve the plot.  I will, however, take my time in doing so.  Join me, if you will.

Readers can stay abreast of the Nightingales by checking out the supplemental blog, which will be released shortly before the publication of CRASH!!!  There are full biographies of each protagonist and information about the people in their lives, as well as anecdotes and facts about the setting of the story…my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.  Feel free to follow the blog and share your opinions and reviews of the books as the series progresses.

CRASH!!! is the pilot episode and in it, we meet the Nightingales: Lee-Lee, Monica, Neveyah, Jo, and Cressida.  

Summary:  Neveyah and her bff Jo are rudely awakened by Cressida, who is moving into a recently-vacated apartment on their floor.  Also disturbed by Cressida’s early-morning relocation shenanigans are Lee-Lee and Monica.  They converge in the hallway and sparks begin to fly.  Little do they know that Cressida’s entry into their lives also marks the entry of something other.

Let the countdown to publication begin!


Queen of Dust now available at Amazon

Queen of Dust is the third installment in the Selo & Inya series, written by yours truly with a cover designed by Jules Nguyễn.

In Queen of Dust, Selo and Inya continue their journey through the central nation of Oon Sati.  They come across the village of Red Palm, known for its wine brewery and annual Festival of Life.

After taking the wrong road, however, they wind up at Black Grape Manor as the guests of a charming wine merchant, Ashvin.  Although Ashvin and his strikingly handsome brothers extend every manner of warm hospitality, Selo suspects they aren't exactly who they say the are.

Originally scheduled for release last year, Queen of Dust is on sale now at a promotional price of $2.99 from now until June 21st, 2014, after which it will go back to regular price.  Interested parties can read rough draft chapters shared on the Selo & Inya blog.



Daos is the latest addition to the Free Fiction Series. Written by Ankhesen Mié it it focuses on the paranormal adventures of two young detectives in a fictional Texan desert town. Interested parties can start with Volume One.


Chanté & Kristina (#AWBW)

Like Amaya, I'd like to dedicate this Free Fiction Project to Ms. T. Lewis for her generous contribution to our humble Press.

Chanté & Kristina is a little musing going on my creative writing blog Dark & Twisty.  It features actress Amber Stevens as Special Agent Chanté Cicero and and actress Jenna Ushkowitz as Special Agent Kristina Yeowang. Chanté is based in California while Kristina is based in New York. When the two of them accidentally screw up while dealing with the same fugitive, their respective departments take delight in sending them to the far corners of the country until they are forgiven. In the meantime, the two agents keep running into each other while chasing the same people.

The "opening credits" are below:





Discipline (10/12)

"You mean you’re finally going to fire me?  This means we can be seen together in public, then?"

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Discipline (9/12)

I put my hands on his desk and leaned forward so that my face was inches from his.  “We can do this thing on two conditions.”

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Discipline (6/?)

I couldn’t help but smile at how ostentatious it was, but when he got out wearing jeans and a simple blue shirt, my heart smiled.  While the car seemed to match the image of the man I worked with, the way he was looking right now caught me completely from the left.  He looked like a regular guy.  A regular great-looking guy.  His hair was tied back with a leather strap and his sleeves were partially rolled.  His bracelet shone in the sunlight and his smile… I decided that I liked him better this way.  Don’t get me wrong; the man gave a new definition to rocking a suit, but this…this right here was very nice.


Discipline (5/?)

“Yes,” he said, and before I knew it, he had me in his arms, straddling his lap, looking into his endless blue eyes.  His hands were on my ass and all I could think about at that second was about how thin my dress was.  The man was strong.  Have I mentioned that yet?  How strong he was?  How he could hold me tight, hold me hard, hold me the way a woman needs to be held?  How safe I felt when he had his arms around me?  He’s so strong.  It was a definite bonus.  He lifted me like I weighed absolutely nothing.  “Yes,” he said again, staring at me.

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Discipline (4/?)

“Am I wrong in assuming that men are constantly throwing flowers at your feet?  If that is the case, then I must be working among complete morons.  I simply can’t believe that there isn’t a straight man in this city that you haven’t captivated enough to want by his side.”

I took a deep breath, cursing the fact that the sexy bastard had the absolute audacity to smell good.  The utter nerve of him, working my girl nerves!  He had some sweet game, though.  I know I was blushing…at least a little.  “Half of my associates would be completely demoralized to hear you say such things.”

“No doubt they want the top prize for themselves,” he said, moving closer to me.

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Discipline (3/?)

"I heard a muffled thump! and looked over to the side.  A small smile broke over my lips as I cupped my wineglass and walked out of my apartment.  Ten steps later, I was opening his door and walking across his floor in my bare feet.  I heard him in the kitchen and I thought I’d wait for him to come out.  I took another sip of my excellent wine and ran my fingers through my hair.  I wore it down and completely free; my hair appointment was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  If it got fucked up tonight because of our shared, secret chicanery, it would be absolutely no problem."


Discipline (2/?)

"He was tall, very tall, and slender.  He walked towards me and extended his hand.  Nice, long fingers, square nails…not a callus to be found. There was a gold bracelet peeking from under his suit jacket.  I took his hand and gripped it while looking him dead in the eyes, which were green.  He had black hair; as black and as layered as a raven’s wings, slicked back and longer than I prefer my associates to have, but it worked for him.  Boy, did it work.  He was decked out in the finest of Alexander McQueen and he smelled great.  He looked at me and there was a smile dancing over his lips.  “_______________, at your service.” "



Dedicated in full to Ms. T. Lewis.  Thanks for the tip!

A/N:  You got Ankhesen to thank for this.  Y’all wanna go for a ride?*


Jill Scott as Iolanthe...

...Tom Hiddleston as The Guy at Work


Review: Camera Obscura

Caught by the cover of Lavie Tidhar’s novel Camera Obscura, I downloaded The Bookman Trilogy in 2012.  The reason I was so captured was because of a discussion had on the Blasian Narrative a few years back.  Here it is: 
Probably one of the most beautiful covers I've seen in YEARS.

Anyway, based on that beautiful image, I purchased the trilogy because I’m a completist, if nothing else.  I was so stoked because here is a steampunk novel with a sistah on the cover.

Review: Tangled Axon: Ascension

Sometime last year, JVNX sent me a link to an eBook by Jacqueline Koyanagi.  One glimpse at the cover and I KNEW I was going to purchase it.

Ascension: A Tangled Axon Novel by Jacqueline Koyanagi

This is NOT something I see often, and I’m compelled to throw virtual money at any sci-fi/fantasy (any genre, really, except hood lit) story that features a sistah on the cover.  Especially a cover as nice as this one.

Now on to the story.  Alana Quick is a sky surgeon (aka engineer) who dreams of engines and desperately wants to serve on a starship.  She suffers from a condition similar to fibromyalgia, and cannot afford to get the treatment she needs.  When the story opens, Alana is working in her and her aunt’s junkyard when an old Gartrik vessel lands in search of her spirit-guide sister, Nova.  Alana decides to stow away on the ship, the Tangled Axon, on the suggestion of the ship’s doc, Slip.  Once she is discovered, the adventure begins.

When Alana is on board the ship, she falls hard for the captain, a tough blonde named Tev Helix.  Tev’s reason for wanting Alana’s sister has to do with saving the ship’s pilot, Marre, who suffers from a bizarre but fascinating malady.  Alana has to prove herself, but since the Axon already has an engineer, a giant wolf/man named Ovie, and Alana starts her career on the ship with a lie, the deck is stacked against her.  Then the crew of the Axon finds themselves fugitives from the law and must work to clear their name.


Lady of the Bow Ch6 ~ Face to Face

Previously ~ "Sí, mi señora"

"Mademoiselle Arquero, welcome to our home," Mrs. Moreno greeted, welcoming her into a small dining room and gesturing for a nearby maid to serve the first round of morning coffees. "I apologize for making you wait. I didn't realize you'd be up so early!"

Merlo Arquero was a tall, medium brown woman with an enigmatic smile. "Señora, it is I who should apologize."

Mrs. Moreno beamed. "Such a mannered young woman. Are you currently attached?"

"No, Señora."

"Engaged, perhaps?"

"No, Señora."

"So there's no man or woman in your life?"

"Only the music, Señora. I studied under Señor Valdez while serving as assistant to Señor Jaramillo himself."

Mrs. Moreno sighed blissfully. "My husband chose correctly. You will be a most valued influence upon our daughter.  How is Señor Jaramillo these days?  He must be a very old man by now."

A dark cloud entered the younger woman's eyes.  "Oh, yes...very old.  He hasn't even been able to play in years.  He doesn't have much longer now, Señora."


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