Middle Child Press: January 2014


Lady of the Bow Ch6 ~ Face to Face

Previously ~ "Sí, mi señora"

"Mademoiselle Arquero, welcome to our home," Mrs. Moreno greeted, welcoming her into a small dining room and gesturing for a nearby maid to serve the first round of morning coffees. "I apologize for making you wait. I didn't realize you'd be up so early!"

Merlo Arquero was a tall, medium brown woman with an enigmatic smile. "Señora, it is I who should apologize."

Mrs. Moreno beamed. "Such a mannered young woman. Are you currently attached?"

"No, Señora."

"Engaged, perhaps?"

"No, Señora."

"So there's no man or woman in your life?"

"Only the music, Señora. I studied under Señor Valdez while serving as assistant to Señor Jaramillo himself."

Mrs. Moreno sighed blissfully. "My husband chose correctly. You will be a most valued influence upon our daughter.  How is Señor Jaramillo these days?  He must be a very old man by now."

A dark cloud entered the younger woman's eyes.  "Oh, yes...very old.  He hasn't even been able to play in years.  He doesn't have much longer now, Señora."


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