Middle Child Press: April 2014


Chanté & Kristina (#AWBW)

Like Amaya, I'd like to dedicate this Free Fiction Project to Ms. T. Lewis for her generous contribution to our humble Press.

Chanté & Kristina is a little musing going on my creative writing blog Dark & Twisty.  It features actress Amber Stevens as Special Agent Chanté Cicero and and actress Jenna Ushkowitz as Special Agent Kristina Yeowang. Chanté is based in California while Kristina is based in New York. When the two of them accidentally screw up while dealing with the same fugitive, their respective departments take delight in sending them to the far corners of the country until they are forgiven. In the meantime, the two agents keep running into each other while chasing the same people.

The "opening credits" are below: