Middle Child Press: 2015


#MCP Returns to #EJunkie

With a new year comes a new resolution: Middle Child Press is moving away from 3rd-party platforms like Amazon.com, and re-embracing platforms like E-Junkie.

MCP saw its highest revenues when we sold our books directly through our own eBookstore instead of a middleman company.  We garned 100% of royalties rather than 60%-70%.  Returning to that revenue stream will allows us to pay out more to our authors.

Fans will notice that prices have jumped for all our books on Amazon.com, and that is deliberate; we will be offering lower, more reasonable prices on E-Junkie when our store reopens early January.


Middle Child Press Site Relaunch

It is with great pleasure that we announce the long-awaited relaunch of our website, now hosted at www.middlechildpress.us.  To celebrate, we're having a Summer Blowout Sale starting July 7, 2015.

Free for Five

In addition to the poetry volume Violet Dusk, anyone who hasn't begun the adventure with Selo & Inya can download the first book, Lady of the Court, free from 7/7/15 to 7/11/15.

We're also excited to announce that Amaya Radjani will be debuting her Nightingales series with CRASH!!! at a reduced price.

And Blasian favorites Corruption and Folklore, and Other stories are back at reduced price as well (see Lixian Ng's recent review of Folklore).

All books are available on Amazon, each one linked from the very first page of our new site.


Change is a-comin' to Middle Child Press

So we at the Press have decided to overhaul our blogs and upgrade certain ones to websites.  We recently did this with The Blasian Narrative and we must say...the reception to www.blasiannarrative.us has been most promising.

So in a few days, all things MCP - merchandise, books, important links - will all be in once place for easy access.

We thank everyone whose supported our books, our fanfictions, and given donations; it's been a long five years and we're grateful to everyone who's been there for us.  We hope to accomplish much greater things in the next five years.