Middle Child Press: June 2016


#Nightingales Book 2: cool air


First off, MCP would like to thank everyone who downloaded CRASH!!! during the 10-day giveaway.

Now...it's time for cool air:
Picking up a week after the events of CRASH!!!, cool air takes readers deeper into the lives of Neveyah, Jo, Cressida, Lee-Lee and Monica. Cressida attempts to make sense of what happened to her. Lee-Lee decides to help Monica prepare for the Cookie Throwdown while Neveyah struggles with the consequences of the choices she has made. Jo has another run-in with Cressida and a disagreement with her roommate. Weird things start to happen to Lee-Lee and Neveyah.
Amaya will not be sharing spoilers (of course), but we ARE interested in hearing your theories on what's happening in the girls' building.




The pilot episode of Amaya Radjani’s new supernatural serial novel Nightingales, CRASH!!!
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Introduce yourselves to the Nightingales: Jo, Neveyah, Cressida, Monica and Lee-Lee. 

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