Middle Child Press: #Nightingales Book 2: cool air


#Nightingales Book 2: cool air


First off, MCP would like to thank everyone who downloaded CRASH!!! during the 10-day giveaway.

Now...it's time for cool air:
Picking up a week after the events of CRASH!!!, cool air takes readers deeper into the lives of Neveyah, Jo, Cressida, Lee-Lee and Monica. Cressida attempts to make sense of what happened to her. Lee-Lee decides to help Monica prepare for the Cookie Throwdown while Neveyah struggles with the consequences of the choices she has made. Jo has another run-in with Cressida and a disagreement with her roommate. Weird things start to happen to Lee-Lee and Neveyah.
Amaya will not be sharing spoilers (of course), but we ARE interested in hearing your theories on what's happening in the girls' building.