Middle Child Press: July 2016


Now On Sale: Nightingales

Now available from Middle Child Press...

Amaya Radjani's new supernatural serial Nightingales is now on sale for $2.99 per episode (or book).  

Nightingales is the story of five women who find themselves embroiled in a supernatural mystery in their apartment building. The series is expected to unfold over the course of 8 to 12 60-page episodes, including the pilot CRASH!!!  It is an ambitious project, to say the least, but one Amaya is excited about writing.  Episodes 2 and 3, Whispers and Oblique, will be ready for publication in 2017.

You can keep up with the Nightingales here.  Join Jo, Neveyah, Cressida, Lee-Lee and Monica as they navigate the craziness that's about to unfold in their apartment house.  Feel free to interact with Amaya on the Nightingales blog, and readers are more than welcome to leave reviews of each episode in the comments section.